Use multithreading and cache in HAProxy

Tunning HAProxy performance by use multiple processors and config caching for frontend I/Config multithreading by use multiple processor for frontend: #Define cpu-map in global:

K8s Nginx Ingress Handling TLS Traffic And Using Pod Readiness Probes

*Configuring Ingress to handle TLS traffic: - When a client opens a TLS connection to an Ingress controller, communication between the client and the controller is...

Hardening Security For Sudo Configuration On Red Hat/Centos

Hardening Security For Sudo Configuration On Red Hat/Centos I/ Configure send notification mail to admin when has sudo action:

Containerize Django App And Deploy To Tanzu Kubernetes Cluster

- Clone SFTP-Parsing Log source from github: - Prepare Dockerfile with below content for building new image

Using Replica Set And Daemon Set Deploying/Managing Pod In K8s

- Introduction and using Replication Controller at link: I/Replica Sets Overview: - Replica Sets is new generation of Replication...

Using Ansible Playbook To Snapshot Virtual Machine On vSphere

Using Ansible Playbook To Snapshot Virtual Machine On vSphere - Ansible provides various modules to manage VMware infrastructure, which includes datacenter, cluster, host system and virtual...

Benefits of a DevOps Strategy

Collaboration Promotes an environment where the different teams work together to achieve common organizational objectives. This means that the teams in your organization won’t be...

How to deploy a Firebase NodeJS project

phuong.cao@deployer:~/deployer/firebase2$ curl -sL | bash phuong.cao@deployer:~/deployer/firebase2$ curl -sL | bash phuong.cao@deployer:~/deployer/firebase2$ firebase init hosting

5 Ways to Boost Your Earning Potential in DevOps

1. Prove you’ve got the soft skills As Ian Miell, Lead OpenShift Architect at a Tier 1 Bank put it: "Really, it’s those things {soft skills} that sit around a basic...

To be a DevOps in Blockchain & cryptocurrency

In this topic, I would like to share my some keynotes to work as DevOps role in the Blockchain & cryptocurrency. Node maintenance and upgrade As you might know, the Blockchain world is...
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Use Nmap to Scan for Open Ports on Your Servers

Introduction Nmap, short for Network Mapper, is a free, open-source tool for vulnerability scanning and network discovery. Network administrators use Nmap to identify what devices...

Java Access Modifiers