I would like to list down the following items that I thought it’s vital for DevOps nowadays.

Lead time for changes (unit: hour)

  • AKA: the time between when new code is committed and when it’s in a compiled and deployed state

Change failure rate (unit: percentage) ✅

  • AKA: the percentage of updates that require immediate fixes or attention after they are deployed in production

Deployment Frequency (unit: times per day, weekly or monthly) ✅

  • AKA: A measure of how often the team pushes new code into production shows how the pipeline is performing toward this objective

Mean time to recovery (unit: hour) ✅

  • AKA: A measure of how long it takes for a deployed application to recover from failure and return to normal operations

Availability and Uptime (unit: percentage) ✅

  • AKA: percentage of uptime

Infrastructure as Code level (unit: percentage) ✅

  • AKA: percentage of automation by IAC i.e full-automation, half-automation, manually

An example of principal metrics that we’ve gained from one of our customer.

DevOps metrics – Crypitor – Monitoring the Crypto World

Lead time for changes (unit: hour)< 1/12 hour (5 mins)
Change failure rate (unit: percentage)10%
Deployment Frequency (unit: times per day, weekly or monthly)10 times per day
Mean time to recovery (unit: hour)1/2 hour
Availability and Uptime (unit: percentage)95%
Infrastructure as Code level (unit: percentage)90%
Crypitor Sevice.
Monitoring the Crypto World