Hardening System Password Policies In RedHat/Centos

How to enforce password complexity/expiration policy on CentOS 7/RHEL 7 1/Set minimum password length: Edit minlen variable in file /etc/security/pwquality.conf:

Use Systemd Starting/Stoping Container With OS

Guide how to systemdizing a mysql docker container *Use system starting/stoping container with OS: -Pull mysql image 5.7: # docker pull mysql:5.7

Install Python 3.8 on Centos/Oracle Linux 6,7

Replace python 2.7 default installed on Centos/Oracle Linux 6,7 by python 3.8 1/Set up wget by http/https proxy: Add below lines to /etc/wgetrc::

Use multithreading and cache in HAProxy

Tunning HAProxy performance by use multiple processors and config caching for frontend I/Config multithreading by use multiple processor for frontend: #Define cpu-map in global:

K8s Nginx Ingress Handling TLS Traffic And Using Pod Readiness Probes

*Configuring Ingress to handle TLS traffic: - When a client opens a TLS connection to an Ingress controller, communication between the client and the controller is...

Hardening Security For Sudo Configuration On Red Hat/Centos

Hardening Security For Sudo Configuration On Red Hat/Centos I/ Configure send notification mail to admin when has sudo action:

Containerize Django App And Deploy To Tanzu Kubernetes Cluster

- Clone SFTP-Parsing Log source from github: https://github.com/vominhtri1991/sftp_logs_review_web.git - Prepare Dockerfile with below content for building new image

Bash Script For Scanning And Removing Files With Extension And Retention

- Download script at github link:  https://github.com/vominhtri1991/bash_scanning_clearing_files_retention.git - Copy this script to /usr/local/bin - Structure ...

Using Replica Set And Daemon Set Deploying/Managing Pod In K8s

- Introduction and using Replication Controller at link: https://tech2fun.net/liveness-probe-and-replication-controller-for-managed-health-of-pod-in-k8s/ I/Replica Sets Overview: - Replica Sets is new generation of Replication...

Using Ansible Playbook To Snapshot Virtual Machine On vSphere

Using Ansible Playbook To Snapshot Virtual Machine On vSphere - Ansible provides various modules to manage VMware infrastructure, which includes datacenter, cluster, host system and virtual...