DevOps isn’t a tool, it is a method to combine Dev (Development) and Ops (Operations) in the entire service lifecycle, from design through the development process to production support.

Using DevOps helps reduce the risk in the middle processes: build, deploy, test,… save money and time for that processes.

What does DevOps need?

There are no specific conditions for working with DevOps. Everyone has knowledge or experience in any of the following jobs can learn to approach DevOps:

  • Programming (any language)
  • Shell scripting
  • System manager
  • IT services or support
  • Build and release
  • QA or Testing

Which future for DevOps?

Today, IT’s world is fast growing. The Developer lacks knowledge about an operation or the Operation lacks knowledge about development will be eliminated in the near future.

DevOps will transform a person with the only skill to a versatile person include development, infrastructure construction, tester, and release to meets all the work needs.


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